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Sex in Pattaya

Taking into account the location, the good weather and it’s so friendly people, you could say that Thailand is an earthly paradise in all its expression. This is a place where every one of the pleasures of life go hand in hand, it is for them that it is known as the country of the three “s”, “sun, sand and sex”, (sun, sand and sex).

It is estimated that annually in Thailand, 300,000 minors are sexually exploited. In addition, approximately 20,000 pedophiles visit the country every year. This translates to between 5 and 12 percent of GDP, comes from the prostitution market.

In 2011, the United Nations denounced sex tourism and prostitution in Thailand, highlighting issues such as the corruption that exists in the country, as well as in high-ranking government officials, which result in impunity for sex traffickers. Likewise, a criticism was made of the scarce efficiency that exists in the nation arguing, “Corruption, as well as the impunity of traffickers, has diminished the efficacy of the Government’s policies to combat human trafficking.” “Sexual exploitation is widespread, including child prostitution, pornography and sex tourism.”

Pattaya Nightlife
Pattaya Nightlife

It is common to hear that if something is not found in Bangkok it is because it does not exist, since everything is available in this bustling city where the average salary is between 2 and 8 dollars a day, hence many of the country girls see the ” opportunity “to be able to work under the neon lights of the most tourist areas of the capital of the country.

A study carried out by the World Health Organization showed that every year an average of 4,000,000 women, 73 million children and 150 million under-age girls are victims of sexual exploitation and abuse in the world every year, which makes it the third most profitable “business” in the world, just behind drugs and weapons.

Only in the European Union is it estimated that every year one million women are brought from other countries to be prostitutes. Similarly, in Southeast Asia, large numbers of women, girls and boys in order to be sexually exploited are sold and bought. One of the countries that slaves that are more sexual collect in the world is Thailand along with Malaysia.

There are places in Thailand known as Red neighborhoods, which concentrate the largest amount of prostitution activities or businesses related to the country’s sex industry. One of the most popular of these sites is Patpong which is in fact one of the most famous neighborhoods in the world for people looking for this type of entertainment, it was in which all the gogo culture in Thailand began, concentrates around 100 striptease bars.

Another of the best known sites is Pattaya located southeast of Bangkok is a mecca of international tourism from outdoor activities, visits to the floating market, elephant rides, even offers diversity of nightlife such as gogo bars, breweries, gay club and cabarets in the Walking Street area.

A very particular characteristic of Walking Street is that its life passes almost in its totality at night, the tourist will find a great diversity of bars and nightclubs for his amusement. Pattaya advertises nightlife in Spanish, as an area of ​​multiple entertainments that offer a diversity of enjoyable activities, including girls, shows, and games.

The gogo bars are local where you can see the girls raised on a platform dancing completely naked next to a bar of Pol dance where they show their best attributes. The clients are prohibited from photographing the girls, so they are forced to leave both photo cameras and cell phones at the entrance of the bar. This type of premises begins to receive customers from 20:00, until the closing time is 02:00. The closing time of the leisure areas is 01:00, however, they define closure as the disconnection of music and lighting is not essential, so many places are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Finally, we found Nana Plaza or also known as entertainment plaza, it is another of the famous red neighborhoods of Bangkok, most of the venues and hotels in this district are dedicated to businesspersons or lonely travelers in search of Asian Girls Company.

In recent years, there has been a boom in both Russian tourism and the opening of businesses by members of that nationality. It is not difficult to see places with the flag of the Russian Federation, with posters in that language or menus written also in the Slavic language. In this way, the locals with Russian go-go are usually very successful given the difference and exoticism with respect to the Thais.

Pattaya Nightlife
Pattaya Nightlife

According to most associations of help to prostitutes in the country, the business is far from disappearing. Even more so with social networks, where many young people can offer themselves without going out on the streets or dancing in bars. In a country where wages have doubled in just over a decade and where the unemployment rate is close to zero, prostitution is not the only way out for many women, as is often the case in countries like Cambodia.

Many voices are asking more information, better education and first to eliminate the corruptions that make business possible to the authorities. Although there are also many who believe that, without the red light industry, Thailand would not have developed so quickly and it would be difficult for it to compete in the future.

The sex tourism nights are very busy in Thailand and this represents a multi-million dollar business that not only directly helps girls, Transgender and their families, but also stimulates other businesses such as pharmaceutics, hotels, food and beverages, events and everything what has to do with the logistics of an industry of this nature.

For all this, we invite you to experience a bit with the madness of this site that beyond the bright lights, offers entertainment, Thai girls, great places to spend the night partying and also many opportunities to have good sex and even free in some cases.

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