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The cost of sex in Thailand – is it worth it?

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It is no secret that most of the men who visit Thailand usually do it for the enjoyment of the “Cultural” and “Sexual” activities; this has turned this country into the land of “sexual tourism”.

It is very well known that Thailand is the leader in sex tourism. In this country, you can buy and sell all the sexual pleasures you want, for all tastes, personalities, color among others. That is what brings us to the question that everyone is asked. What are the prices for men in the comfort market?

Will it be worth it?

Of a lot! Although there are thousands of men wanting to debate whether the sex offered by Thai prostitutes is the expected or not there are also many who have formed this as a vice visiting the cities of this country month after month.

However, for a foreigner who makes his trip for the first time this will be a bit easy, since you can choose a prostitute to spend the night in this country. It is not so difficult since it is something like choosing a carrot, we can find from the most expensive to the cheapest.

Generally, nobody takes the cheap carrots because these are ugly or are “beaten”. However, there are people who take them to try to prove that it was worth it. Well, this is the case with prostitutes; we have the case of prostitutes offered by nightclubs who are clinically evaluated every month with certified doctors to verify that they do not have sexually transmitted diseases, which is good for you.

Even if you wish, you can request a current test of these diseases and these usually give them. Likewise, we have the prostitutes of “Street”. We can find these ones on the streets or in the corners of sidewalks, squares, bars. These usually do not have a medical follow-up of sexually transmitted tests, which can be a risk for the client, and generally tend to be cheaper than those already mentioned.


Would it be worthwhile to be with any of these?

I have many friends who tell me that yes, it could be worth taking this risk, and these usually tend to offer a little more customer satisfaction. The prices of these girls vary; can be from simple 1000baht (per night). Come on, it is practically free of charge! while if we go to a club or to a VIP sexual services site, we can find a girl by the value of 2000 – 5000 – 10000 baht per hour so bringing one of these to your bed for one night could cost you approximately 1500000 – 300000 baht.

In Thailand, we can find without a doubt everything. In this country there are establishments or clubs in which women only dance to you, however if for some reason this girl has liked you, you could go to one of the employees of this place, which will take you directly to the owner or head of all this and will agree a price for this girl.

It is very common to find prostitutes in bars, these can usually have a value of 800 – 2000 baht for a very short time, and you can find women who charge you 1500 – 4000 baht for a full night. Prostitutes in this country are usually in groups of 5 to 10, usually those who are lonely are prostitutes of “Second level” which are the ones that can be found outside the bars, nightspots.

On the other hand, in Thailand we can find massage parlors with somewhat unusual rewards (yeah). In many of these, or rather, most of these offer their clients sexual services as a bonus for having performed the massage in said place. In these places sexual favors often come out fast and impressively cheap, we can find in a room of these reservations of two hours (One hour of massage and one hour of sex) for a value of 600 – 1000 baht.

Now, there are also prostitutes “Free” literally! These really do not usually charge any price, but if we add food, hotel, among other things, can go a little more expensive. Without a doubt, this country is one of the most wonderful you can meet.

This country is characterized by having certain cultures that have been lost in many others, also recognized by the broad sexual market that we can find in it.

Pattaya Nightlife
Pattaya Nightlife

Prices and their variations

Comparing a bit the prices of prostitutes, we can notice that we find prostitutes that are excessively expensive as we can find those that are free. For many men who have visited this country and have been able to pass through the hands of each of them, they are worth the prostitutes who are in bars, while many others love what they find in VIP areas.

This is relative and depends on the client’s taste. In a country with so much sexual demand, the most logical thing is that there is good competition. If you are a foreigner wanting to satisfy you sexually, my advice is to wait and analyze well where and how you want to spend your money.

If this is your first time in this country, it is best to look for those that are a bit more expensive but you can have full faith that you do not run the risk of catching any disease. However, if you have been there for a while, surely you know how this whole business is handled. You can find many safe offers, meet women that can be sexually attracted with you, many seek to leave this profession and devote themselves to the home, and maybe you run with the luck of catching one of these bunnies.

In my personal opinion and the stories I have read, I would recommend those you can find in the bars. These are usually not as expensive but not as economical, they usually have a standard price and generally, they usually spill all their sexual potential in bed, making you live an unforgettable experience.

Then, already knowing all this. Is it worthwhile to look for a Thai Girl and live moments of pleasure and even “free”?

Hell Yeah!

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