Sex in Pattaya

What makes Pattaya nightlife different from others

Pattaya is known as the red light area of the whole world. This is why it is more famous for its sex tourism than other types of tourism. Whether you are a single man, married or bachelor, this city can make excited to every person.

Finding sex in all part of Thailand is not hard as long as you can afford but still, tourists and local prefer to travel Pattaya to enjoy Pattaya nightlife and sex in Pattaya due to a number of reasons. So, if you are looking for Pattaya sex tourism guide, then you should keep reading this article till the end because it will help you decide that why you should visit here as compare to other cities. Following is the list of most common reasons which makes Pattaya nightlife different and more popular than other cities of Thailand.

Nightlife in Pattaya is more than just dance and music

What does the first thing come into your mind when you read or hear about “nightlife”? I am sure that it is night clubs, dance, music, drink and yummy food. You can have all this in any other city of the world but nightlife in Pattaya is more than just these things. The tourists have more focus on sex than other things in Pattaya because it is more easily available than finding a restaurant which offers tasty and cheap food.

Girls are easily available for sex in Pattaya

Finding a sexy girl could be very challenging even if you entered in a sex club. But this does not happen in Pattaya. The girl starts working as a sex worker in this city as low as in the age of 16 (even in some cases you can found the teenagers for sex). There are so many different ways to hire a girl for sex. If you do not want to mess with others, then you can simply contact the escort companies or even ask the waiter of your hotel about the girls as most of the hotels has their own girls for sex. You can visit nightclubs, go-go bars, beer bars, massage center and strip clubs to find girls for sex. Freelancers can be found at the entrance of popular markets, clubs, coffee shops, restaurants, bus stops and even at the entrance of the hotel where you are staying. In short, the whole city has numerous spots for you to find girl for sex in Pattaya

Sex in Pattaya


Pattaya sex is much cheaper than any other city of Thailand

Usually, the price of sex starts from $100 per hour to per night. In Thailand, sex is cheaper and starts from $50 but in Pattaya, due to competition and high demand, you may have sex as cheap as $30 only. If you are looking for oral sex like the hand job or blow job then you can get it done in $5 only by entering in any massage center or coffee shop where you get this free with the cup of tea and coffee etc.

Sex in Pattaya and Pattaya nightlife is very safe

Sex workers are legal in Thailand, which makes the whole country very safe for the tourists. I have been in Pattaya so many time and every time I feel very safe. There are some laws which do not allow you to use specific types of drugs but if you are following laws and do not put yourself in any fight, then there are no safest places than Pattaya to enjoy nightlife and have sex with young girls at very cheap and affordable price.

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