Sex in Pattaya

Top venues to enjoy nightlife in Pattaya

Sex in Pattaya is cheap and easy to find but for the person who is visiting this city of sex for the very first time, it could be hard for him to find the venues where he can enjoy the nightlife in Pattaya and have sex in Pattaya with sexy Thai girls. Following we are sharing the most popular venues in this city where you can enjoy sex, nightlife, dance, music, and food etc.

Gentlemen clubs

I am not sure whether you have gentlemen clubs in another part of the world or not but in Pattaya, the concept of gentlemen clubs is increasing day by day due to its demand. Why? because these clubs have made very easy to find girls for sex in Pattaya. The gentlemen clubs get opened in afternoon and keep open until late evening like 8 PM when others start opening night clubs and bars to offer nightlife in Pattaya. There isn’t much offered in these clubs other than you can sit with any girl of your choice and have a conversation for hours.

The girls who worked in these clubs are very good in English and mostly young. After a good conversation and having a cup of tea of coffee, you can ask the girl for sex. Do not shy, as these girls are actually waiting for this. The price of these girls are bit high as compare to other clubs and bars but in the meantime, you won’t pay for barfine or drink if you choose gentlemen club for find girls for sex in Pattaya. Some of these clubs also provide room for sex. The popular gentlemen clubs in Pattaya are MClub and Kinnaree Place which works from 1 Pm to 5 PM daily.

Pattaya Bar Girls


Soapy Massage

You probably have a massage on massage table much time but in Pattaya, you can have a soapy massage which does not take place on the massage table but in a bath tub nude with a sexy girl. There is no standard price of getting a soapy massage as the price depends on the number of clients available and the age of the girl. Nightlife in Pattaya is incomplete without talking about these massage parlors as they are exclusive and you may not found these massage parlors anywhere else. Usually, the cost of 90 min massage starts from 1500 Bhat and could be as high as 2500 Bhat. Happy handing is also included in this price. These parlors do not have only Thai girls but also girls from China, Korea, and Japan which are usually very young. Some of the bars in Pattaya has these massage room at their first and second floors. If you are not comfortable with these places then you can also take the massage girl in your hotel room in same charges. The popular soapy massage centers are Sabiland and Diamond massage center.

Go-Go Bars

Pattaya nightlife in incomplete without talking about its exclusive go-go bars which are known as the place to find sex in Pattaya. If you search about Pattaya sex tourism guide online, you will found go-go bars at the top of the list. They are bit expensive, but at the same time, these bars allow you to choose girls from hundreds of them. The verity allow you to choose the girl of your choice but make sure to have enough cash in your pocket to have sex with the girl of your choice as the young and sexy girls charge high for per hour and whole night etc. Not all go-go bars has accommodation for their guests to have sex with their girls, but most of them have this option. The popular go go bars in Pattaya to enjoy the nightlife in Pattaya includes Iron Clubs, Sugar baby A gogo, Windmill Club, What up a go go and Alcatraz etc.

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